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Volley Blockers - version 0.6

What's new?

  • Choose to play as green or pink team!
  • New play configurations for two players, including coop vs AI!
  • Mac OS X release!


A minimalistic volleyball type game for local multiplayer mayhem.

There is a single player AI for both play modes but the AI is not the best at times.

Also I wouldn't really recommend four players play on a single keyboard. Controllers are definitely recommended. The keys are given below if you would like to try it. It is possible to play with a combination of keyboard and controllers.

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Volley Ball Mode

You must get the ball to your opponents side of the court (like in real volleyball). Team to score the most points in the time allocated wins.

Volley Basket Mode

This mode is a cross between basketball and volleyball. Kick the ball to hit the targets on the respective ends of the field. Team to score the most points in the time allocated wins.

Volley Madness Mode

Play volleyball with multiple balls! Every 10 seconds a new ball will spawn on alternate sides of the court. Try not to let balls with your opponents colors touch your side of the court. Team with the most points in the time allocated wins.


Email: martymon@gmail.com


  • Minimalistic graphics
  • 3 different game play modes
  • Up to four players on one keyboard
  • XBox360 controllers supported

Controls (Keyboard)

Player 1

  • W - Jump/Block(when in air)
  • S - Volley (on ground and air). Pressing left and right simultaneously will do a short/long volley
  • A - Move left
  • D - Move right
  • E -
    • Smash (when in air). When smashing pressing left simultaneously will perform a near court smash.
    • Setup (when on ground and not moving). Player will volley the ball straight upwards.
    • Dive (when on ground). Player will dive when moving left/right.

Player 2

  • NUMPAD 8 - Jump/Block
  • NUMPAD 2 - Volley
  • NUMPAD 4 - Move left
  • NUMPAD 6 - Move right
  • NUMPAD 7 - Smash/Setup/Dive

Player 3

  • I - Jump/Block
  • K - Volley
  • J - Move left
  • L - Move right
  • O - Smash/Setup/Dive

Player 4

  • UP ARROW - Jump/Block
  • DOWN ARROW - Volley
  • LEFT ARROW - Move left
  • RIGHT ARROW - Move right
  • RIGHT CTRL - Smash/Setup/Dive

XBox360 Controls

Left Analogue Stick - Left/Right

A - Jump/Block

Y - Volley

X - Smash/Setup/Dive

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Volley Blockers 0.6.1 (windows) 9 MB
Volley Blockers 0.6.1 (os x) 10 MB


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Not XP compatible :(

Hi, sorry to hear that it doesn't run on XP. I compiled the game under windows 7 and I do not have an XP box to test for compatibility. If you would like to try it perhaps have a look at the kongregate version http://www.kongregate.com/games/martymon/volley-blockers